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Coaching Career

Want to make coaching your next career?

The Piece is Not Missing…Here It Is!

How do you know if this is the right business choice for you? How do you know if you can do it? How do you make the decision to make the leap and follow your dreams? How can you tell if you have what it takes to succeed?

Starting a coaching practice is not easy. You worry if you are opening the right business; if you will find a way to position yourself to the world, and if you will earn enough money to meet your needs. I bet you wonder if you if you have the right credentials or if you can compete with the more experienced coaches in the profession. You face fear, procrastination, and uncertainty. You are facing a tough decision…we understand.

I know what it’s like to feel unsatisfied with life, like something is missing. To have a deep seated feeling of wanting to do something new, to do something  other then  living day after day, working in a career that is not fulfilling. I had a burning desire to do more…to be more…to give more, more of myself to help women live their best lives. I knew I could help other women like me, figure out their life purpose, discover their passion and pursue their dreams. I also knew part of that journey would be figuring out my own stuff along the way. By serving women, I began to serve myself. ~andrea callahan

Seven years ago,  Andrea Callahan, founder and CEO of Ten Faces of She felt the same way. Fortunately, she found the courage to pursue her passion and live her dreams to help women and girls, world-wide. Now she has provided an opportunity for you to join Ten Faces of She to follow in her footsteps to take a leap of faith, courage and confidence and follow your dreams too.

You have a great talent, skills and special gifts that will enhance the lives of others. Your spirituality, wisdom, knowledge and experience are all assets that you can use to build your coaching practice. You can change the life of a woman or teenage girl by sharing yourself. Are you willing to give a part of yourself to help your sister realize her potential and live her optimum life? Of course you are willing…that’s why you are on this page.

Inside The Sphere of Sisters…Is Extraordinary

Trying to build a coaching practice by yourself can be a challenging daunting task. However, you don’t have to go it alone. Ten Faces of She offers you the opportunity to become a coach with the security of having your own coach help you along the way. Becoming a Ten Faces of She coach can provide you a solid foundation and a partnership for success.

Ten Faces of She has created a blueprint to get you started in your own coaching practice. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel…until you are ready to anyway.

Here are a few areas we can help get you started:

  • The top things you need to start your coaching practice right.
  • How to select a niche that will bring you both fulfillment and profit.
  • How to create an effective 3o second elevator speech that will leave potential clients wanting to hire you.
  • The  most important things you need to know to successfully market yourself to be a market leader in your chosen niche.
  • How to use both marketing and selling to catapult your business.
  • How to get clients, retain them and earn their loyalty.
  • The key things you need to know to fill your practice and keep your clients engaged.
  • How to use your web-site, social networking and a membership site to expand your business.
  • Blog or not to blog – the benefits of blogging to create your brand.
  • How to set your coaching fees that are competitive and speak to your value.
  • How to accept credit cards so you do not have to chase checks from non-paying clients.
  • What to do and say on your complimentary call to qualify a client for your services.
  • How to create e-books, e-courses, e-newsletters, and other passive revenue generating programs that can bring you additional financial security.
  • How to automate, prioritize, and organize your coaching practice.
  • All you need to know to become a full time successful and profitable coach either in person, by phone,  internet based or a combination of the above.
  • Access to a Ten Faces of She Coaching page that contains coaching agreements, client forms, programs and resources specifically put together by Andrea just for you.
  • And, much more!

Creating a Plan for Success

Are You Ready To Be A Coach?

In the most basic terms, Ten Faces of She Coaching means building a woman’s competence to face her life’s situation. As a successful coach you will help women with the following outcomes:


1.    Long-term excellence
2.    The ability to have insight, self-correct and self-direct
3.    Competence in creativity, passion, joy and leadership

In essence, as a coach, you understand your clients with great depth and scope. You will learn to partner with them in a way that brings to their awareness -  insight and possibilities. You will forge great partnerships to inspire clients to action by offering a path forward that includes strategies and tools, custom-designed for them to get what they want in life.

Women now more than ever in history are facing new challenges and new paradigms at warp speed. We have to navigate change in our own life, the lives of our family as well as those of the community and world around us. Many of us are on information overload, time restraints and increased pressure to improve productivity – do more, faster and better. These demands can be quite challenging, they create barriers and can be show stoppers for people trying to accomplish things right now.

As a coach, you can partner with women to help them open up new worlds of awareness, new ways of being and doing. You can help them to create a space of calmness and stillness in order for them to create balance that will give them a chance to get in tune with their authentic self. You can be instrumental in helping women revitalize, invigorate, and rejuvenate their lives to find happiness.

In the meantime, you will find the same for your life too. The wonderful world of win-win.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, click here.

What a Coaching Program Looks Like

Coaching, unlike therapy, is hands-on and interactive. It is the DOING that brings about change.

A coaching program consists of a combination of self-observations that help you gain a better understanding of your current reality, specific practices to help solidify the changes you desire in your life, and coaching conversations that cement your new way of being.

There are several ways you can deliver your coaching services. It’s your business so the flexibility is yours to set. You may opt to have an office and see clients in the traditional face-to-face style. Online coaching is increasingly popular to automate many of your functions and connections with your clients. For movers and shakers, many 21st century women find it difficult to meet the demands of heading to an office for sessions. Women on the move may find mobile coaching a better fit for their busy lifestyle. As the leader, you implement the service delivery mode that meets your needs and your lifestyle.

The Ten Faces of She Coaching Model











Let’s talk about it. There are so many ways Ten Faces of She can partner with you to create a coaching practice that is rewarding, fulfilling and prosperous. Fill in your name and email in the box below and let’s get started!

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