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Ten Faces of She would like to offer you an action journal designed for like-minded women, just like you! 13 Simple Steps to Change Your Life, FOREVER! A Journal of Self-Discovery, Courage, Confidence & Getting What You Want.

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Exclusively & Specifically Designed With You In Mind

We offer a range of courses covering a variety of key disciplines. Our specialty is leadership, management and business training including over 125 soft skill courses for the polished chic professional. To ensure quality of learning, support and dialogue; our class sizes are limited. We incorporate real life case studies, networking and masterminding opportunities for women who have decided to manifest their destiny.

Ten Faces of

Ten Faces of She offers unique and innovative coaching programs for inspiring and arousing cosmopolitan women to their personal greatness. We are thoughtful in our approach to create tailored made and highly specialized coaching packages for the leader of distinction.

  • You will define your business, mission, goals, objectives and solutions.
  • You will develop and distinguish your personal and business brand.
  • You will build and exemplify your business brand and showcase your credibility.
  • You will position yourself as an expert and market leader.
  • We help you direct relationships with influential people in your industry.
  • You will gain access to an exclusive online community of distinguished women to ask questions about leadership and business.
  • You will have the opportunity to create synergy, mastermind and network with other dynamic leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals.
Our coaching programs model an ongoing collaborative, creative partnership with clients, built upon action. This union is further rooted in forward moving, thinking and planning - all with the client's success in mind.
At Ten Faces of She, we have a total commitment to excellence. We exemplify five-star quality and superior personalized service. Helping women maximize their strengths and potential for increased options and unlimited possibilities for success.
Our distinctive style of training and coaching create a dynamic relationship between personal growth, professional development, evolving leadership and extraordinary business.
Ten Faces of She creates opportunities for you to succeed. Each of our training and courses give professionals a new set of skills, methods and strategies to make success happen.
Ten Faces of She is a unique and innovative company promoting the elevation of feminine courage, confidence and esteem; using trailblazing methods for inspiring, arousing, encouraging and challenging women to their personal greatness; and business success.

We intend to model an ongoing collaborative, supportive and challenging partnership with clients that is built upon action. This union will move women and girls achieve their goals and outcomes 85-90% faster through forward moving, thinking and planning. Our goal is for clients to achieve success while maintaining integrity, balance and fulfillment.

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Ten Faces of She exists to empower and transform the lives of women through awareness, passion, creativity and leadership. Our intention is to maximize strengths, possibilities & potential for the advancement of women and girls, world-wide.


women on the move      

The choice of today’s movers and shakers seeking to deliberately create their life of:

• Personal & professional life balance

• Whole life wellness

• Eliminating negative stress & optimizing productive stress

• Completing projects & goals

• Increasing effectiveness

• Self-awareness, value & love

• Uncovering your life’s purpose

• Recovering & maximizing from unexpected change- life event

• Deleting negativity and Importing positivity

• Removing barriers, obstacles & roadblocks

• Manifesting joy

• Attracting opportunity and abundance

• Exposing negative belief systems

• Learning to live in a positive state of mind

• Discover you authentic self    

Ten Faces of She training & coaching is for women who have decided to create a life of joy, success and manifest their destiny!

your business...your life Your business...Your life.

Ten Faces of She specializes in creating strategies for women…


Awaken their spirit

Unleash their creativity

Tap into their inner strength

Program their subconscious

Build their self-confidence

Discover your Authentic gifts

Unlock your Potential

Explore your Options

…with their eminently designed blueprint for personal achievement; professional success & extraordinary leadership. For the distinguished woman...of excellence,      

Ten Faces of She offers:

  1. Training & Coaching
  2. Books, Work-thru books, DVDs, CDs
  3. Online Training & Materials
  4. Home-study courses
  5. Seminars, Retreats & other Live Events
  6. Sphere of Sisters Mastermind and Synergy Continuity Program
  7. Ten Faces of Extraordinaire Private Online Membership
You can be, do, change or create anything you intend your mind to be, do, change or create. ~Andrea Callahan

Ten Faces of She Icon Defined purpose...Definite Intentions

...for the distinguished woman

      Interested in taking your life to the next level and focus your energies to work for your joy and abundance I invite you to contact us today. Say, "Yes, Andrea I am Ready!" By putting your email in the box below to discover which of our coaching program meets your needs.
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